May 2, 2004

Spring is one of my favorite times of year. There is something about the way the warm wet dirt smells that makes me itch to be outside (or is that just my allergies?) Invariably, when I move into a new house, I make my husband build me gardens. Many, many gardens (god love him...) Perhaps it is my innate OCD, or perhaps there is something else, but each garden has a separate theme. The subject of this diatribe is the vegetable garden.

I recently moved from Louisville, KY to the frozen north (Chicago). In KY, I started planting my cold crops in February! Here, I started in April. Of course, it took much longer this year because we had to start from scratch. De-sod (and replant it in more barren areas of the lawn - because of course, my gardens are always located in the areas with the best grass...), rototill, place peat moss, manure and topsoil, re rototill, rake, mark and plant. Of course in Chicago, the weather is not that cooperative, so this whole process took weeks.
Finally, I got to plant! I put in Snow peas, two kinds of lettuce, spinach and bush beans. I keep meaning to plant the onions, but it has been 50 and raining for what feels like weeks (or when it is nice, I am on call at the hospital delivering babies...) I was so excited when I noticed my baby plants peaking their heads out of the ground. The kids are already asking when we can pick the "salad" for them to eat. Unfortunately, they haven't even gotten their secondary leaves yet.
The hard part now that I have the bug is waiting until it is warm enough to plant everything else! I want tomatoes, peppers, herbs, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries....... the list goes on, and I can feel my poor husband trembling at the thought of creating all of those gardens!

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