April 28, 2004

Steve Almond is a freak. A Candy Freak to be more specific. Via the excellent bookslut, we discover USA Today is profiling Almond's latest book - Candyfreak:a Journey Through the Chocolate Underbelly of America.

The excerpt on the Candyfreak site is quite amusing:

1. The author has eaten a piece of candy every single day of his entire life.

I want you to look at this sentence and think about it briefly and, if you're so inclined, perhaps say a little prayer on behalf of my molars. This would not be unwarranted, and for supporting evidence, I refer you to Elizabeth Gulevitch, a highly competent doctor of dental surgery who spent most of the early Seventies numbing my jaw. I doubt Dr. Gulevitch is the sort to have established a hall of fame in her waiting room (she was more the Ansel Adams type) but I would like to believe that my run of seven cavities during the infamous campaign of 1973 stands as some kind of record. It goes on.

I'm shocked there aren't any "Almond Joy" puns in the Amazon reviews.

The Candyfreak site has a nice page of links to candy-related web destinations. Brush well after surfing.

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