April 22, 2004
Going into Counciling - I

Almost every food item you can think of has a professional council or association dedicated to lobbying for and protecting the interests of its growers. These councils often have websites with recipes and tips on how to best prepare the item they are known for.

I did a little research and found these council/association sites that are well worth the click, if only for the creative recipes.

The California King Salmon Council has recipes for dishes like Ranchero Grilled Salmon Steak, California Margarita Salmon With Chipotle Crema and Mango Avocado Salsa, and if you drop them an e-mail request at info@calkingsalmon.org, they'll send you a brochure with more recipes.

The Florida Department of Citrus* has a long page of Citrus recipes. It's heavy on beverages like the Orange Tango and the Mai Tai, but there are other dishes like the Key West Coffee Cake, a simple Grapefruit Granita, and the long-named delicious lookingCitrus Ceviche in Empanada Crust with Banana Sauce and Tonkasu Mayonnaise (I always thought it was "tonkatsu"?). This recipe from recipezaar has a recipe for tonkatsu sauce included in case you can't find a bottled brand where you live.

The California Avocado Commission has so many recipes you have to go through a pulldown menu function to find them. Favorites I found were the Pesto California Avocado Torta, Avocado Caviar (which combines avocados with mango, balsamic vinegar, honey and other great ingredients), and not 1 but 39 different guacamole recipes.

If it's lamb you like, the New Zealand Beef & Lamb Marketing Board is all over it. Their recipe section is beautiful and looks like a Nigella Lawson cookbook. I think they're pushing it a bit when they suggest kids and toddlers will just love the Lambs Liver and Vegetables mush. More popular with the adults will be the Thai-Dressed Lamb Cutlets.

There are Plenty More Councils, Boards, Cooperatives, and Associations out there with web sites with interesting recipes, and I'll look at more in the weeks ahead.. If you've got an ingredient you don't have a plan for, see what their professional association suggests.

*Full Disclosure - my employer does public relations work for the Florida Department of Citrus, which made me think of them. Including their site was not directly influenced by the FDOC or by my employer. I just like oranges.

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