April 12, 2004
Last Chick

Last chick in Paris
One of the reasons I bought some of our Easter chocolate from Chocolat Jadis et Gourmande (49, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, Paris) was that I noticed these little fellows in the window. They are supposed to be egg-cups. (How silly is that? If the eggs are hardboiled, they do not need to sit upright. If they are soft-boiled, you are eating them hot and goodbye chocolate!) But to my mind, they were obviously napkin rings. So I bought ten of them, although in the end there were only nine of us at dinner. With Marianne's help, I put colorful paper strips in the holes to protect the napkins.

After putting out the nine brothers of this fellow on the table, my stepdaughter came in the kitchen with him saying, "Angela and I decided that you should have the extra one, Meg, because you made such a nice dinner." Well, that's very nice of you, my dear. Especially as I bought them...! Still, it was a nice compliment and she has good manners.

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