February 27, 2004
A Salad for the Fuhrer

Whenever besieged omnivores or activist anti-vegetarians want to discredit vegetarianism, they ask, "Wasn't Hitler a vegetarian?" Turns out the answer is - "Sorta, but not really."

At least, that's what vegetarian activist Rynn Berry is trying to prove. His new book Hitler: Neither Vegetarian nor Animal Lover asserts that the Fuhrer may not have cared much for meat, but he didn't care much for vegetables, either. Slate examines why Berry is so concerned with the dietary habits of the greatest villain of the Twentieth Century.

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No meat and no veggies? I know people like that, but they're alcoholics.

Posted by Frolic on February 29, 2004 at 9:27 PM

Mr. Berry, has writien extensivly against the idea that Hitler was even sympathetic to vegetarianism because ovcourse-vegetarianism is peacfull and nazism was a violent movement.

It would be interesting for you to check out Savitri Devi.

She was afull interesting.

She too wanted peace---only she beleived the only way there would be peace would be if the corrupt world was destroyed and replaced by the vegetarian world.

We have seen this philosophy in the sect of Israelites known to scholars as "Essenes"....They saw the wolrd as filled with the "Sons of Darkness", they beleived the only way the material world--anhabited and ruled by the Sons of Darkness would be destroyed would be when their "teacher of righteousness" their Messiah would come and destroy the current world with the help of the forces of nature--{in a way in which occured in the time of Enoch and Noah}--to the most fannatical of the Essenes only then would the earth be restored to a prisine order, it would be populated by the Sons of Light and their would be peace that would last thousands of years.

This was their earthshaking worldveiw and as it turns out most of these "Essenes" or "purists" abstained form meat, rejected animal as well as human sacrifice, and were taught not love, but to hate the Sons of Darkness which included the Romans, many Arab peoples, and all physical manifestations of "darkness"---love for them was to be reserved for the righteouss--the desendents of the progeny of light.

There was a woman in our century who would have fit in very well with like minded individuals this woman went by the name of Savitri Devi.

Why don't you do an essay on the not so well known Savitri Devi?

Savitri Devi went vegetarian at age 6 by her own will and came to loath humanity because of their treatment of animals--so-called "inferiors" while demanding that the divine force behind the universe somehow owed them salvation.
At the very least she saw this Christian and humanist Western worldveiw as hypocritical and this is why she became a National Socialist after reading Hitler's Mein Kampf.
Savitri Devi went to India in search of Aryanism.

She would admire Hindu's in their life and work and work for Indian independence from Great Britian.

In all I think she was a remarkable personality of the twentieth century and so intresting, from her prophetic remarks about the future of a decaying humanity to her animal rights activism throughout her whole life, extreme environmentalism, "universe worship"--somehow she tied all this into National Socialism and saw Hitler as the incarnation of Vishnu of the Kali Yuga--a saviour which would use violence in order to go "against time" and break the coming Dark Age.

Though I disagree with some aspects of her political nazism I can't help agreeing with her alot.---Here is a fragment from her writing entitled: "Lightning and the Sun"

"Adolf Hitler was, in course of life, to become a more and more convinced vegetarian; and though disaster robbed him of the opportunity of attempting “after the war,” to give his views, gradually, the force of law, he remains, to my knowledge, the only ruler in the West who, both on hygienic and moral (and aesthetic) grounds, ever earnestly considered the possibility of suppressing meat-eating, and of abolishing thereby the standing horror of the slaughterhouses. This is reported by Dr. Goebbels in his “Diaries,”2 and brilliantly confirmed by numerous statements ascribed to the Führer himself in the “Dinner-time talks,” also printed after 1945 by the bitterest enemies of National Socialism, certainly not with the intention of exalting him.-----Savitri Devi--National Socialist and life long vegetarian----text---"Lightning and the Sun".

Posted by Aaron Wauters on February 14, 2006 at 3:14 PM

Mahatma Gandhi:
A Prince of Peace

Savitri Devi: Aryan Warrior Preistess

Hunting is not angelic, it is homo-sapian, and barbaric, only the lowest peasents were honered for it in ancient culters, only in African tribes is it seriously respected to this day, most real Aryans look down on hunters, I say, put them on the battle feild!
Let them make use of their skill for shooting!
The battle field is the only place they are usefull, for in the future "pacifism"--{or objection to for war} will triumph over war because when this world is seriously "upgraded" there will be no need for war because their will be not enemies of Aryandom; Hitler put it perfect in Mein Kampf:
And not only that! Certain ideas are even tied up with certain men. This applies most of all to those ideas whose content originates, notin an exact scientific truth, but in the world of emotion, or, as it is so beautifully and clearly expressed today, reflects an 'inner experience.
'All these ideas, which have nothing to do with cold logic as such, but represent only pure expressions of feeling, ethical conceptions, etc., are chainedto the existence of men, to whose intellectual imagination and creativepower they owe their existence. Precisely in this case the preservation of these definite races and men is the precondition for the existence ofthese ideas. Anyone, for example, who really desired the victory of thepacifistic idea in this world with all his heart would have to fight withall the means at his disposal for the conquest of the world by the Germans;for, if the opposite should occur, THE LAST PACIFIST DIE OFF WITH THE LAST GERMAN, since the rest of the world has never fallen so deeply as our own people, unfortunately, has for this nonsense so contrary to Nature and reason. Then, if we were serious, whether we liked it or not, we would have to WAGE WARS TO ARIVE AT PACIFISM. This and nothing else was what Wilson, the American world savior, intended, or so at least our German visionaries believed-and thereby his purpose was fulfilled.
"In actual fact the pacifistic-humane idea is perfectly all rightperhaps when the highest type of man has previously conquered and subjectedthe world to an extent that makes him the sole ruler of this earth."
Hitler made it quite clear to anyone who really read his work that he thought the very idea of ending war was a great one, he knew that pasifism was a great idea but that the only way to arrive at a world which could be romanticly pasifist was if Germans conqured it first.

Hitler understood why people saw a light in pasifism he just felt they were dreamers who left reality behind as they pondered thoughts of a "better future". Don't forget that Hitler said "If war consumed the earth the last pasifist would die out with the last German"--asserting that Germans are often impressed by romantic ides and that the world would use that to their destructive interest.

I'm sure that when Hitler said "the way of the futuer will be vegetarian", he also knew the futuer Aryan world would be pacifist, but like a wise animal followed stern logic and he did not let the idealistic dream world of pacifism take him over, he knew he was in the real world and that savages dressed up as civilized humans can only be fought, not pacified.

Churchill for example would stop at nothing to destroy Germany before Hitler came to power, and it was all those warmongering ivory tower house of common hoodlems that he knew it was his job to take on, and he did screw them even though they were militarily bigger than him and he lost.

Gandhi was a fighter in the spiritual sense and was in no way a pacifist, but he knew that it was the karma for the masses of to be ruled by Englishmen and that the only thing they realy could do was prove that they were the most civilized and peacefull colonial people, and that intelegent Britons would eventually see the wisdom of leaving India.
Gandhi knew this to be inevitable so he was not a dreamer when it came to Indian Nationalism, infact he was extremly logical.

Gandhi man against time:

He beleived the only way to have unrighteous humanity could live in peace was if the corrupt were eventually outnumbered by the good guys.

Anyway, Hitler had a much different mission and the Germans are not Indians or sudras and he did not have the time or the pacience to "wait" untill England granted Germany independence, he was gonna take it, and that was the right thing for him to do for his Germanic nation.

But in reality Hitler wanted to destroy the world of uglyness and actually replace it with the world that Gandhi dreamed of, while Gandhi wished to "convert" the world to his vision.
In reality he was an ally of Gandhi and a hater of war, slavery, and forced servitude, but unlike Gandhi he belived, or knew that barbarians like Russian peasants, and the crooks that run America, and the international criminals who ruled Britian needed to fought by the sword, he knew that "the shape the world of the futuer would assume" would not fly with the barbarians, and he did not want to like gandhi "wait for the golden age" he wanted to force it.

Gandhi walking with girl in the light

The Mahatma with an English girl at Simla.

GANDHI was maby the only person in the world who was not a nazi who knew that Hitler could be changed, because he knew Hitler was reacting to a world that he knew was hypocritical, warmongering, and rebelious against those who speak the truth.
He knew that if the world was a perfect Christian world of peace and love to begin with Hitler would never have felt a need to conqure it and would not have reacted to the world which plotted the genocide of his people. He understood Hitler and knew he was no "monster" and knew that he thought he was doing the right thing, the only thing that could save his people.

In any case, he knew that "the capitalist world" that made Hitler and his program a solution for the German people was more of a monster than Hitler could have ever have been, they just preached peace while they engaged in oppression, while Hitler admided to his belief in violence as the only way of national liberation from the corprate Devils.

And he admired Hitler for refrianing from bloodshed in his first conquests from {1932-1938}

He knew Hitler was soly a reactionary to the world which he was born into, like a mirror he reflected all the uglyness that the world was back on itself, and that if the world was a place of light, he would have reflected peace.

For if the world had just let Hitler do his art, and been true Christians after WWI, he never would have gone into politics and never would have been a "evil monster".

In reality when people look at Hitler and truly hate him without doing reserch, it is infact the world that they hate because all the uglyness of nazism was a reflection of the world that made it possible.

So as far as hunting and eating those which are weaker than you,
it's something humanity, and our planets networking needs to get over.

We will eventually create the new earth, and the new consiesness will make this planet and everything in it divine.

Divinity will be seen in all the creatures, the fury ones as well as the hairless ones, and they will all live in peace as described in the Biblical Issiah's mountain.

Hail the Messiah of ages!

Hitler's love and honer of animals and the soul of youth

There is no falid documentation of Hitler being cruel to animals ever!
In his daily life he gave animals more rights than any politician in history, that is the historical fact, and Steven has been misinformed.
Hitler was also the first Western Politian to support vegetarianism despite the political and nationalist consequenses of going against the the majority.
Most German Nationalists were not vegetarinas and hitler risked bieng called a coward, he risked the same abuse when he came out agianst smoking and alcohol.
One German nationalist told his son that "I do not trust a man who does not smoke or drink".
Many of Hitler's freinds were not vegetarians and this is why his cook prepared meat because most of his women geusts were meat eaters.
Hitler ALSO ATTEMPTED TO MAKE HIS DOG VEGETARIAN, feeding him plants and herbs!
Hitler cliamed that his dog devoured herbs and plants when his stomach was "out of order".
It may come as a suprize to some that Hitler infact was more like Gandih in his private life but that was his secret, that was what made him so powerfull, because the truth is that Hitler belived he had to conqure a world runned by crooks in order to bring the world of Peace that Gandhi tryed to convert he world to.
Gandih was the only person in the world who was not a nazi who knew that Hitler could be changed becuase he understood that the world created Hitler and that Hitler was simply having a "natrual reaction" to a world gone mad.
Gandih also remembered how violent he was before he got converted to "non-violence" and knew how hard it is to convert someone who beleives they are engaging in righteous violence.
I still think Gandhi is the model vegetarian, but that was he decided to like jesus "forgive the world" while Hitler looked to "punish the world".

Truth is that Hitler admired Gandhi as a great soul even if he disagreed with his non-violent philosophy, for Hitler knew that Gandhi represented the "perfect world which is to come", a world that Hitler believed he had to wage war to arrive at.
For Hitler knew that if the world were full of Gandhi's he never wold have gone into politics, instead he wold have been a trubador, a artistic visionary.
Gandhi also knew this.

Gandhi and Hitler were both old Atlantian souls, and Atlantians always recognize each other even if they end up on the opposite side feild.

In Mien Kampf Hitler said that Pacifism was a great idea, only that the only way he beleived the world of Gandhi's and Schopenhaur's could arrive was if the nobel nature honering Germans conqured it first.
Basicaly he was saying that in a world of "Churchill's and "Stalins" pacifist dreamers
would "die out with the last German".
In the words of Gandhi: "We do not beleive that you Hitler are as bad as the Allies depict you"
Hitler was misguided, mislead, and misused, not evil.
It was the evil streik in his philosophy that brought his movement down.
You can have thousands of revolutionary genius ideas, but if you adopt even one bad one, it can lead to evil, the evil war and concentration camps.
The Nazi's did have many genius's in their scientific, health, environmental community, and under Hitler they did flourish in way that the Allies were way behind, it was the few bad seeds in their philosophy that brought the great movement o an end justly.
There is no exusing what happened in the concentration camps and nothing ever can, it is as evil as the slaughterhouses, that is why ignorance will always kill you, because it is evil, just becuase evil things happened under Hitler's Empire dosen't mean Hitler was evil, and if you ask me he is misuderstood from both his worshipers and his critics, they did't understand him then, and they still don't and perhaps never will, but films, recordings, and writings testify to the fact that Hitler hated the world that Gandhi was trying to "convert", Hitler knew that converting the world of Churchill's and Dick Cheny's is impossible, it's the same world that Schopenhaur wrote against, it's the same world that is bringing us global warming, terroism, nuclear war, and Corprate world Facism.
So Hitler's enemies are STILL the enemy--save "the jews"--
Hitler was a vegetarian of violence, he beleived that violence was the only way to rid the world of greedy coprate crooks and their nature oppressing Puritn slaves.
Gandih also wanted them gone, only he loved them as animals, beasts that he wished to silence through peacefull conversion of the masess.
For Gandhi was in no way a pacifist, he was a warrior, he just fought war on a "higher level", he was a tireless fighter, he fought on the level that the powers that be hate, the level they COULD NOT demonize!
Gandih remains my highest hero, and Hitler will come around, you wait and see.

Posted by Longhairedking on April 1, 2006 at 2:53 PM
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