February 19, 2004
Moderation in all things

I've long criticized the atkins diet for being a kind of Faustian bargain, where you lose some weight but end up giving yourself heart trouble on the way. So I was glad to see Mr. Atkins himself discredited last week. But this development - Americans generally thinking twice about consuming mass quantities of carbs - has to be a good thing. The basic Atkins premise about a skewed food triangle has some truth to it, and if we all had to convert for a couple months to see that, well, Amen.

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I lost a lot of weight on the "Protein Power" diet, one that is just like Atkins. I felt like I was breathing butter by the end.

The big catch with these diets is that you're swearing off carbs for life. If you go back and eat bread, all that protein and fat you've been eating will jump on it like rottweilers on a pork chop, and you just gain the weight back.

Posted by barrett on February 20, 2004 at 6:49 AM
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