February 16, 2004
Barrett in Chicago

My name is Barrett and I like food.

I'm fond of oxygen and water as well, but I really like food. I also like the gear that goes with it, the process of cooking, eating and talking to friends around a table loaded with healthy homemade victuals. I also like it if that table is in a flashy restaurant and the food is haute cuisine made by a master chef, or if we're in a neighborhood joint where they make the food just like Grandmama did a hundred years ago...

I like the sight of a bowl of berries, juices straining against the colorful skins. I like the velvet smell of garlic and onions sweating in butter as it curls around my nostrils. I like the rippling feel of the gills of a Portabello mushroom and the sound of the crunching of a caramel crust on a creme brulee.

Most of all, I like the taste of good food. Recently, I started eating more different foods and paying attention to the process.

I'm recently married, and my extremely healthy wife converted me to semi-vegetarianism. We don't eat red meat, poultry or pork, but we do eat fish, eggs, and milk. You can have my Italian Beef, but you'll have to pry my brie and gouda from my cold dead hands.

As part of the conversion, I found myself forced to cook. As in beyond reheating a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup. As I learned to prepare strange foods like tomato sauce and salmon filets, I noticed an awful lot of my friends already knew what they were doing in the kitchen. Some of them will share their knowledge and insights here.

Hopefully, we'll be able to guide you to some new tastes or new ways to make old favorites a little more interesting.

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